Watercolour, digital
This was an interesting commission, where I had to draw an artwork inspired by the client’s music piece, titled “fall, falling, fallen”. It was a different experience for me and was a lot of fun! The intention was to have the girl contrast greatly with the flowers around her.
Close to done 😁!! (at facebook.com/icecubeddd)
🍄 (at facebook.com/icecubeddd)
Some concept art I was working on for a client. It was a really interesting project, hopefully more to come 😄 (at facebook.com/icecubeddd)
left, right (at facebook.com/icecubeddd)
at facebook.com/icecubeddd


Recently I did this time lapse video with Mycuppatea, testing out their colourful dot-flower crayons. It was a lot of fun but also I was super camera shy HA HA HA. Hope you guys like! :)

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Q: I love your new Sailor Moon water color and would love to purchase it, I noticed it wasn't in your store :(

Hey! I do plan to sell the sailormoon print online but it won’t be up for a couple of weeks since I need to sort out some stuff first. I’ll make a post on tumblr when it is up :) thank you!

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