Had fun last weekend testing Aozora Flower crayons from Mycuppatea! Such cute colours :D Check out their fb store for the official store opening + many more unique products!


Aaaaand crowd funding LIVE TO GO!
Keep your eyes open for a reblog campaign coming up in a few days! Wow, I can’t believe it, it’s actually happening, peoples!!

Hey guys! I’m part of this anthology with other super amazing artists *_* please do check it out and help us make it happen!!!!
in action 😂 (at facebook.com/icecubeddd)
Now :) time lapse video coming soon ✨ (at facebook.com/icecubeddd)
🏡 (at facebook.com/icecubeddd)
Morning light was nice ☀️
Some more chara design illust. Apparently a couple of guys at work were crushing on her, haha! I prefer the previous girl though 😓? (at facebook.com/icecubeddd)
Mornings are hard 😴 (at facebook.com/icecubeddd)
Some more illust I did for work 😁