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at facebook.com/icecubeddd
Not many people realised but I actually drew this commission twice because the first one failed horribly. (the early WIP shots were from the first img (left) and the later shots/finished pic were from the redraw (right)) I took this photo when the right one was only half done, but even so it already felt like an improvement in my eyes. So next time you screw up, don’t worry - You’ll be surprised how much you actually learnt from it!


Recently I did this time lapse video with Mycuppatea, testing out their colourful dot-flower crayons. It was a lot of fun but also I was super camera shy HA HA HA. Hope you guys like! :)

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Q: I love your new Sailor Moon water color and would love to purchase it, I noticed it wasn't in your store :(

Hey! I do plan to sell the sailormoon print online but it won’t be up for a couple of weeks since I need to sort out some stuff first. I’ll make a post on tumblr when it is up :) thank you!

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Had fun last weekend testing Aozora Flower crayons from Mycuppatea! Such cute colours :D Check out their fb store for the official store opening + many more unique products!